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5 Things to Do in Miami Florida

When we think of beach visits, the sand and wind are the only aspects that cross our minds. However, Miami Beach differs greatly in how much it has to offer its tourists. With fun time on the beach as only one of the long list of things on offer, there is something for everyone.

As soon as summer hits, our vacation mood turns on and the first destination which pops in our mind is – the oh-so-refreshing Miami Beach. A resort city in Florida, United States, whether you are a local resident or a foreigner wishing to have the best vacation of your life, Miami Beach ranks high on the list of must-visit destinations. The sun brightening the day, the wind sweeping through our hair, the cool breeze caressing our face, and the crystal-clear water making our day just a tad bit better.

Planning to visit the beach and curious about the sights to witness, and things to do? Not to worry, because, albeit the long list, we give to you the top 5 favorite past-times in Miami Beach:

Lincoln Road Mall

Stretching from the Atlantic Ocean in the east to Biscayne Bay on the west, the famous Lincoln Road is a must-visit when going to Miami Beach. Entailing a one-of-a-kind experience, this is one of the first pedestrian malls in the country, and one which is visited by millions of tourists each year. The peculiarity of this mall lies in its ‘outdoor’ idea – whereby one gets to enjoy not just a great shopping experience, but also the beautiful weather, bound to make a vacation more pleasant. Apart from featuring an array of stores, Lincoln Road Mall is also home to restaurants, cafes, and bars, because what is a good holiday destination if it does not entail scrumptious food, and a joyful time?

An absolute treat for art-lovers and the crafty ones, Lincoln Road Mall also hosts many galleries. Thus giving a cultural and artistic vibe to a modern shopping destination. Whilst the noteworthy architecture sweeps us off our feet with its grand, and unique look. Stretching 10 blocks long, the mall promises to deliver an experience worth revisiting. Shopping and recreation, how could we ever say no?

Bayside Market Place

Engulfed with the banks of Biscayne Bay, the Bayside Market Place is a breath of fresh air for tourists wishing to enjoy nature, with a modern take. Being a two-story-high shopping center, the market place consists of a large variety of shops. Looking for the perfect attire from brands the likes of Guess and Gap or want to purchase gifts from Bath & Body Works for the loved ones back home? Or searching for a cultural souvenir from the array of kiosks and carts lining the area? With over 100 shops and boutiques, Bayside Market Place is here to fulfill all your needs.

Hungry from all the shopping? Not to worry because the market place has that taken care of with the list of restaurants on offer. With the specialty of enjoying live music whilst enjoying a good cup of coffee, this place provides the opportunity for relaxation unlike any other. Also, tour boats are available to show you around Biscayne Bay, taking the relaxation element up a notch.

Bal Harbor Shops

A must-visit for those searching for high-end boutiques, the Bal Harbor is a heaven for fashion enthusiasts. An epitome of luxury and exclusivity, the harbor is an open-air shopping mall, hosting stores of internationally renowned designers including but not limited to Oscar de la Renta, Prada, Tory Burch, Chanel and more. With the plus point of having all such A-list boutiques at a single place, Bal Harbor has managed to attract socialites, fashionistas, and celebrities from all walks of life. Getting to enjoy recreational activities, alongside good shopping therapy? This is bound to fix the worst of moods, and give way to an evening worth revisiting.

Ocean Drive

Visiting Miami Beach and not going to Ocean Drive? Impossible.

Calling all arts and culture lovers, this 15 street-long thoroughfare is bound to capture hearts (and a lot of our time!) with all it has to offer. Driving through the streets would seem like a snippet out of a movie; the iconic topless car, the palm trees lining the sides of the street, and the long road beyond. One of the first stops would be the Art Deco Welcome Center, which would give an up-close and personal insight to the area’s history and architecture. Visit the Art Deco buildings, and be ready for inspirations and ideas – especially for budding Architects and Artists. Another stop could be The Villa, also known as The Versace Mansion. Widely photographed, and a place invoking the curiosity and intrigue of visitors, this mansion is where the world-famous Gianni Versace lived and was murdered. With a variety of hotels, bars, and many neon-lights lining the streets, Ocean Drive also promises to deliver a happening nightlife, alongside an eventful day.

Brickell City Centre

Yet another high-end fashion destination, making Miami Beach a hub for shopping enthusiasts, Brickell City Centre is another feather in the cap of retail therapy Miami has on offer. Spanning three levels of shops and eateries, about 120 in number, the place promises entertainment and a good dining experience, hand-in-hand. However, the best part of the landmark lies in not just the grand Saks Fifth Avenue, but the breathtaking architecture of the Centre. Oozing elegance and aspects of modern architecture, the visitor remains spellbound, glancing up at the sights. It also promotes ease of parking, numerous escalators for a less-tiring experience, and enhanced entertainment prospects by the existence of a movie theater. With a certain refreshing vibe, Brickell City Centre is bound to top your lists of must-visit places.

So what are you waiting for? With the ability to enjoy numerous recreational activities in addition to the beach visit, this is an opportunity to not be missed. Book a visit now to Miami Beach, and get ready for the vacation of a lifetime.

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